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Solar panel installation is more than a trend, it is an environmentally-supportive way to create your own energy and save money while doing so! As solar panels become cheaper and cheaper to install, and additional tax credits are being introduced, the decision to “go solar” is becoming much easier for many.

See why, with these four major benefits of installing solar panels on your home:

1. Reduce or Eliminate Energy Bills   

It’s no secret that solar panel installation and the use of solar panels reduces electricity bills. There are a large amount of factors that can affect your exact monthly savings; the size of your house and how much energy you use, where your house and solar panels are located (aka, how much sunlight your panels are able to soak up), and the amount and size of solar panels that you purchase. Many homeowners are able to generate 100% of their electricity through solar panels alone, or close to it. Since the main costs related to solar panels are simply the initial purchase and installation, with consistent use it is only a matter of time before you see a return on your investment, and then start to rack up your savings.

Although sunny days will produce more solar energy, solar panels will continue to draw energy even when the weather is cloudy. Indirect, or diffused, sunlight will still help to power your home. Therefore, even in cloudy areas you will still save, though not as quickly as sunnier locations.

2. Earn Tax Credits and Rebates   

Extra tax credits and rebates for solar panel installation have been around for some time now, and these are only growing in size. Due to the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act’s Residential Clean Energy Credit, those who install solar energy equipment in their residence any time this year through the end of 2032 are entitled to a nonrefundable credit off their federal income taxes, equal to 30 percent of eligible expenses.

What does this mean for you? More and more savings! The more tax breaks you receive for your solar panel installation, the more inexpensive your install will become, and as a result the quicker you will see a return on your investment.

3. Start Saving from Day One   

The typical American household spends thousands of dollars on electricity every year. However, by utilizing the sun’s natural energy to power your house instead, this amount can and will change drastically. As the sun faithfully shows up to work everyday, you will begin to see a change in your electricity bill right away after your solar panel install.

In addition to easing monthly electricity costs, installing solar panels can greatly increase the value of your property. Most homeowners see a $5,911 resale value increase per installed kilowatt. That means if you install a 3.1 kilowatt system, you could improve your home’s resale value by nearly $18,000!

So, whether staying or selling, the introduction of solar energy is a major asset that will warm your house–and your pockets!

4. Do Your Part to Help the Environment   

While money is a great–and important– incentive to change your energy methods, one of the biggest reasons to switch to solar energy is simple; the environment.

Solar panels are the leading source of renewable energy for our homes and businesses, with more and more buildings opting to have them installed. Alongside this, we are also seeing an increase in the number of solar farms that are being constructed, all of which means good news for our planet and the environment.

A few ways solar energy can help the environment are:

  • Significantly cuts down the energy you use from the National Grid
  • No emissions; as solar energy relies entirely on gathering energy from the sun and converting it into electricity (or hot water) for use in our home, using it means that you are not producing any greenhouse gases or contributing to global warming. It can reduce the carbon footprint of your home by 80% in one year
  • Solar energy is a form of renewable energy, meaning that there is plenty of it to go around because it is an energy source that won’t run out. Fossil fuels are a finite source of energy, and one that we damage the planet with when we mine and distribute it. By relying on solar panels, you are one less household that is relying on fossil fuels, and it can make a bigger impact than you might think
  • Solar panels are long-lasting and require little maintenance; some solar panels can last as long as 50 years! Because solar panel production is not yet perfected, the longer your solar panels last, the more you are doing your part in limiting pollution or environmental waste relating to other energy sources.

How Ethical Energy Can Help 

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