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$0 Out of Pocket

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That's the average lifetime savings of our customers. (Start saving from month 1)

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Pay yourself, not them. 


The average premium a home with solar sells for.

Earn Incentives

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The typical state and federal incentives solar customers receive.

Help the Planet

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15,588 lbs

How much CO2 a 10kW solar home will sequester.

How it works:

1) Discovery

One of our site surveyors will calculate which Government or Utility Credits you qualify for to go solar for $0 out of pocket and how much money you would save.

2) Design

Our engineers will create 3D Custom Solar Design specific to your home, map out a solar savings plan for you, and show you how to drastically lower or eliminate your electric bill.

3) Application

Once you are ready to start saving money with solar, we will apply to the utility on your behalf to approve you to interconnect your solar array and start earning credits.

4) Installation

If approved, our experienced solar installers will install your solar and back it with our 25-year performance guarantee covering all parts of the system (including your roof!)

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