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Four Reasons To Install Solar Panels Before The Holidays

It happens every year; the fun of October and Halloween activities distract us from the foreboding fact that the holidays are right around the corner. Come November 1st, we are faced with the reality that the next two months will be filled with gift-buying, food-making, and preparing for all sorts of relatives and in-laws. Whether your family is small or large, close or distant, religious or non-religious, there are always a myriad of things to do to prepare for the holiday season.

One form or holiday prep besides the obvious cooking and gift-giving is housekeeping and other forms of house prep. To prepare for relatives visiting and/or the oncoming winter weather, certain house projects simply need to be completed before the holidays come and the cold winter season begins. Before family and friends come to visit, and before the temperatures outside drop too much, is the perfect time to install solar panels. Here we outlined some additional reasons why you should install solar panels before the holidays:

1. Combat Rising Holiday Electricity Costs

Whether you choose to hang only a few lights or you are in a tense holiday decorating competition with your neighbors, the holiday months tend to accrue higher electricity costs than other months. Even simply decorating a Christmas tree and leaving a string of lights lit throughout your day can increase electricity costs by noticeable amounts.

The presence of solar panels will take some of that burden from your wallet, as even in the cold winter months the sun still shines, powering your solar panels year-round.

If you can manage to install solar panels before it’s really time to light up your house, you can start your savings right away.

The more electricity-powered decorations you have, the more benefits you will see if you choose to install solar panels!

2. Stay Powered During Blackouts

If you opt to purchase a battery storage unit along with your solar panels, you can be protected during the event of a power outage. Power outages are never fun or convenient, and it will always give you peace of mind to know that even if a tree branch does fall on a wire near you, you could still have some lights and heat. This is especially important when temperatures outside drop to low numbers, or when family is visiting.  Nothing could ruin a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal more than the power giving way!

Don’t let the fear of a potential power outage ruin your holiday cheer. By installing your solar panels and battery storage unit before the holidays, you will have a secure back-up plan in the event of a worst-case scenario.

3. Earn Your 2022 Tax Credits

Along with visiting relatives and various other holiday commitments, the holiday season is also a reminder to us that the calendar year is soon to end. If you plan on using your solar tax credits when filing your 2022 taxes, you will want to complete your install before the calendar year is over. If not, it will be a long wait until next tax season to use these tax credits.

Due to the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act’s Residential Clean Energy Credit, those who install solar panels any time this year through the end of 2032 are entitled to a nonrefundable credit off their federal income taxes, equal to 30 percent of eligible expenses.

These savings are too good to pass up!

4. Prepare for Family and Friends

It can be a scramble preparing for visitors, between deep-cleaning and attempts to fix up any household issues in time. You don’t want to be in the middle of any household project when they come, so it is important to install solar panels before the chaos!

Not only is it recommended to complete any house prep before your visitors come, but some newly installed solar panels are an excellent topic of discussion that can keep your relatives at bay for hours. If you’re avoiding Aunt Mary’s pestering questions about when you plan to have children and why you don’t have them yet, jumping outside and discussing your solar panel journey is a great escape from uncomfortable holiday conversations.

How Ethical Energy Can Help

Ethical Energy is a leader in solar panel installation. We pride ourselves on using cutting-edge technology in the most efficient and effective ways to save our customers money without sacrificing quality or service. Start your solar journey today or call us at (888) 909-6377 to discuss the next steps you need to take to install a solar panel system before the holidays!